Boann Distillery – Part 1 – The Visit.

The Whistler 7 Years OldA number of weeks ago, Matt Healy – Export Sales & Marketing Manager of the Boann Distillery was kind enough to post me some miniature bottles of The Whistler 7 and 10 year, plus an invite to pop down and have a look around the Boann Distillery.

With it being only a 90 minute trip down the road it made sense to jump in the car and find out how the distillery is coming together.

You’ll find the Boann Distillery located in the Boyne Valley, a few miles from the town of Drogheda, Ireland. The Distillery is currently in the final phases of construction with their doors due to open for visitors in the early part of 2019. It’s the creation of the Cooney family who have over 40 years worth of knowledge and experience within the Irish drinks industry.

Upon approach to the distillery the first thing you’ll notice is the pains of glass lining the building from floor to ceiling with all 3 stills sitting proudly in place for everyone and their dog to see. If this building is illuminated at night it will be even more captivating. As for the inside, instead of metal beams they’ve used oak beams which bring a warm feeling to what could otherwise be a cold working space. A pièce de résistance of the distillery could well be it’s Italian marble floor which is just another spectacular feature and surely the only working distillery with an Italian marble floor? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Every nook and cranny of the distillery is aesthetically pleasing including the electrical cupboard, yes Matt did show me it.

Quick point on the Pot Stills, they’re 10kl, 7.5kl and 5kl in size.

During the tour I really noticed how much technology this distillery is filled with, e.g. nano-reflux inducers and flux capacitors all above my level of knowledge, but at the same time it was fascinating listening to Matt explain all the features and how they’ll help and enhance with the distilling process.

The distillery is still a fair few months of being finished and the pot stills being fired up, however the Boann Brewery which is attached to the distillery is up and running already. Now I haven’t a clue about brewing beer, I just know how to drink the stuff but again it was a seriously impressive place to take a wonder around.

A final feature I got to take a peak at is where their maturation warehouse will be found which is in the basement. Yes, below the distillery. I’m not too sure if visitors will be able to get to see this part but if they do it will bring so much more to the tour that most other distilleries don’t often provide.

Artist’s rendering of the maturation warehouse below the floors of Boann distillery.

Artist’s rendering of the maturation warehouse below the floors of Boann distillery. Image long term borrowed from (

After the tour, I was given some time to run around and grab a few snaps which you can see below. I can’t wait to get back once the distillery is complete and get some updated photos as I’ve a few ideas.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 – The Whistler 7 & 10 year old Review.

Until next time folks, keep safe & keep drinking whiskey responsibly.

Over & out.

Jamie. Whiskey JAC

Drink Responsibly. Please visit Drink Aware UK for more information.

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