Bulleit 10 Year Old Official Irish launch with founder Tom Bulleit

For my first 204 mile round-trip to Dublin of 2018 and probably not the last, seen me head to Camden Exchange for the official launch of Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year Old in Ireland. Sure that’s how you make what would otherwise be a monotonous Monday evening the best of craic. The best thing about it, no… for once not the free drink but the man himself Tom Bulleit was in attendance.

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

Tom Bulleit speaking at the launch event

Bulleit 10.y.o. cocktails & food upon arrival while waiting for Mr Bulleit, sure you couldn’t beat it with a big stick. It also gave me time to catch up with friends and get speaking with a few folk I only knew from social media platforms.

It was a low key entrance by Tom, but not so much with the opening of his speech, and I quote “Hi, I’m Tom Bulleit, that’s why I’m here, as opposed to Jack Daniels he was coming but he’s dead…” Fair play Sir, straight in with the jokes.

As these type of speeches go they don’t ever really go off script or give you much gossip, so I’ll just touch on some points –

Bulleit 10.y.o. has a mash mill of 68% Corn, 28% Rye plus 4% Malted Barley and contains bourbon aged between 10, 11 & 12 years.

The new home of Bulleit at the Stitzel-Weller Distillery will be classed as a “grain to glass” distillery, with everything being sourced locally and all parts of the process can be tracked back. Open and honest transparency it seems, happy days!

Down the line they may consider releasing a 10 year old Rye plus a Barrel Strength Rye. Well they f**king better release them or I’ll be one unhappy camper and start buying Jack Daniels Rye.

That’s a joke I’d never buy Jack Daniels Rye.

A few more Jack Danial’s and Tennessee jokes were chucked in for good measure and that was that for Tom’s speech, now for some music, more drinking and some chit-chat, oh and not forgetting selfies with Mr Bulleit. Yes, of course I had to join the queue for a selfie, sure “pictures or it didn’t happen” is the saying for the youth of today. Cheeky autograph also on a long term borrowed cup.

With the 10 year old now released, that makes it 3 products available in Europe, Bulleit Bourbon, 10 year old and Rye, though Stateside they’ve the Bulleit Barrel Strength, which is feckin epic!

Bulleit 10 Year Old Notes & Thoughts

Price – TBC. Though I think it will be around the £45 mark.

ABV – 45.6%

Appearance – Reddish Amber

On the nose – Rather light notes, but a good few sniffs and you’ll pick up on toasted oak, caramel, vanilla and a good drop of spice, after all it does have a decent amount of rye in the mash bill.

In the mouth – The spice you get on the nose is there, and its just enough to not give you a twitch in your eye. Vanilla & caramel, tropical fruits of a dried nature appear, ones which I did not get on the nose. I just can’t pin point out what they are, but they work.

Down the hatch Conclusions – A light spice & a trace of dried fruits leaving a medium dry finish. Easy drinking and enjoyable.

Bulleit 10.y.o. has between 4-6 years of extra age compared to the normal Bulleit, which enhances the flavours, though not by a vast amount. With the price difference between the standard and 10y.o. which could be about £20 or more I can’t see myself always keeping the 10y.o. in stock, even more so considering standard Bulleit can be as little as £22 in Tesco when on promo which is perfect for sipping or mixing on the cheap. Don’t get me wrong, Bulleit10.y.o. is top notch for what it is, just get me that Barrel Strength ASAP! It was a highlight of my Whiskey Live ’17 as I had been dying to try it since its release in America.

Massive thanks to Ronan (Twitter) for my invite.

A few pictures…


Until next time folks, keep safe & keep drinking whiskey responsibly.

Over & out.

Jamie. Whiskey JAC

Drink Responsibly. Please visit Drink Aware UK for more information.

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