Dingle Whiskey Batch 1 Recap & Batch 2 Details

DingleBatch1HIGH (4 of 12)Back in November 2016, just shy of 4 years since the formation of the Dingle Distillery and a year after Dingle Cask No. 2, was released in December 2015 an eagerly awaited whiskey came onto the market in the form of Dingle Single Malt & Single Malt Cask Strength Batch 1 which sold out immediately. Eagerly awaited because the Dingle Distillery was the first new independent whiskey source in Ireland for a very long time. Found on the South-West edge of Ireland in an old sawmill you’ll find everything done by hand, from the manual mashing process, to hand labelling and bottling.

A quick recap of Batch 1 –

DingleBatch1HIGH (12 of 12)Dingle Single Malt Whiskey Batch No. 1
Bottle Size
– 70cl
ABV – 46.5%
RRP– €65/£57

Triple distilled, non-chill-filtered, matured in first-fill ex-Bourbon casks with natural colouring, none of that E150a guff!

A nose of fruit & vanilla. With a tiny drop of water you’ll find lemon, peach and an inkling of pineapple. You can smell the youngness. Clean & crisp, citrus, malt & a dash of pepper give a mid-ranged coating of the mouth. A short-medium finish with a tiny bit of spice.

Fantastic stuff for a young whiskey.


Fast-forward (Slow-mo) almost a year since Batch 1 release, and Dingle have just announced the release of Batch 2 Single Malt & Cask Strength along with a few other little gems. One of them being a SINGLE POT STILL! *Fireworks go off!*

Batch 2 notes from Press Release.

Dingle Single Malt Batch 2

(Photo Credit – Dingle Whiskey)



Dingle Single Malt Whiskey Batch No. 2
Bottle Size
– 70cl
ABV – 46.5%
Bottle Run – 6,000
RRP– €65

Created by the marriage of meticulously selected casks, both Sherry (Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso) and Bourbon, this single malt Irish whiskey is a small piece of history, unique and rare. Delicate, dry, with citrus and subtle vanilla notes, it dances across the palate and finishes, long and slow, with elegant complexity.


Dingle Single Malt Cask Strength

(Photo Credit – Dingle Whiskey)







Dingle Cask Strength Whiskey Batch No. 2,
70cl, ABV 60.2%, limited edition of 500 bottles, RRP €125.

This cask strength limited edition release of our Batch No. 2 whiskey reflects the original flavour of the Single Malt matured in Bourbon, Oloroso and Pedro Ximinez Casks before the reduction in ABV. The significance in 500 bottles is a nod to, and reflects our Founding Fathers all across the world. It is at this strength where the flavour profile shows the true extent of this whiskey.

ALERT – Dingle Pot Still Whiskey

70cl, ABV 46.5%, 3 Casks. RRP €90, limited edition of 800 bottles

Matured exclusively in Pedro Ximenez Casks. This small batch release single pot still Irish whiskey has come into being through the marriage of carefully selected casks. Their former role in the maturation of Pedro Ximenez sherry is reflected in the colour, aroma and character of this unique whiskey. Complex, long and vinous, it has notes of dried fig and candied citrus peel with a suggestion of warm winter spices and plum pudding.

The fourth release, rumoured to be exclusively for SuperValue –
Dingle Single Malt , 70cl, ABV 46.5%, 2 Casks. RRP €78, limited edition of approximately 700 bottles.

Matured in a marriage of Port and Bourbon casks. This small batch release of single malt Irish whiskey has come into being through the marriage of just two carefully selected casks of Bourbon and Port. Their previous roles are reflected in the colour, aroma and character of this unique whiskey. Dry and delicate, it has notes of tangerine and ginger with a creamy, long vanilla finish.

Elliot Hughes of The Dingle Distillery said – “These new releases show an incredibly interesting opportunity for us. It is the first time we have been able to showcase multiple whiskies showing different flavours amongst each of the releases.”

“Every new release of Dingle Whiskey is exciting, but the Pot Still release is particularly momentous. It is an historic occasion for Dingle, the Distillery and Irish whiskey distilling as it makes Dingle Distillery just the second distillery on the island of Ireland to produce Pot Still.”

Due for release mid November it’s time to check down the back of the sofa & smash your sisters piggy bank because there is going to be a mad rush for all 4 releases and I hope to be in that queue for them.

Until next time folks, keep safe & keep drinking whisk(e)y.

Over & out.

Jamie. Whiskey JAC

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