Teeling Whiskey – The Brabazon Bottling, Series #1

Back at the start of May this year (2017) the folks from the Home Of The Spirit Of Dublin, Teeling Whiskey released The Brabazon Bottling, the first in a series of limited edition Single Malts. As I’ve previously mentioned in a previous blog (Teeling Whiskey Live London 2017) I was lucky enough to try it during Whiskey Live London 2017, so I’m over the moon it’s finally been released to market.

Teeling Whiskey - Brabazon Bottling

Teeling Whiskey – Brabazon Bottling – Whiskey Live London 2017

If you know a little about Teeling Whiskey then you’ll know these folks are pushing the boundaries of Irish Whiskey into a new & exciting era. The Brabazon Bottling is another step in that direction.

Quote, Jack Teeling – “This series reaffirms Teeling Whiskey’s continued dedication to creating new and interesting expressions of Irish whiskey and in particular, expanding the underdeveloped Irish Single Malt category”.

This Brabazon Bottling comes with a little bit of a back story. The Teeling family have been crafting Irish whiskey since 1782. A new generation of Teeling’s by the name of Stephen & Jack Teeling set up home in Newmarket the Liberties area of Dublin City in a return to their distilling heritage in 2015.

The Brabazons are another family connected with this specific area of the city. The Brabazon family presided over this area of the Liberties from the 16th to 19th century and it was William Brabazon, the third Earl of Meath, who was granted the right to establish the great trading square at Newmarket. An area with tradition of brewing, distilling, weaving & trade in agricultural produce. Walter Teeling in 1782 set up the original Teeling Distillery in nearby Marrowbone Lane due to the character of the area.

This new product is Teeling making reference to the historical Brabazon name by telling the story of why their family first moved to the Liberties area of Dublin. But more importantly they’re telling the story of why they’re there now.


– Details & Tasting Notes –

R.R.P: £69/€78/$88
ABV: 49.5%
Size: 70cl
Colour: Deep Gold

Nose: Preserved dried fruit, oven roasted hazelnuts, pert peaches & ripe plums with hints of burnt Werther’s original toffee.

Palate: An affluent Sherry sweetness, red berries, nuttiness and toffee, with a hint of liquorice and clove. (Only got the clove after a few revisits)

Finish: Lingering mixed spice, trail-mix, crisped marshmallow, spice with toasted wood.

Comments: Abundance of sherry but not an over powering sherry bomb. Flavours work very well together & disguise the 49.5% ABV. Something slightly different that works rather well.

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A liquid profile has been released, essentially a breakdown of the 6 casks used for the Brabazon Bottling. It’s enlightening to see a whiskey company be very open & clear about every aspect of their product. Far to often we come across whiskey companies being coy with the facts shall we say.


For me since trying the Brabazon during Whiskey Live London 2017 it’s another one of their products that will be needing replenished rather frequently.

I can’t wait to see what Series 2 will be. Rumours have it Series 2 will focus on Port Casks.

Until next time folks, keep safe & keep drinking whisk(e)y.

Over & out.

Jamie. Whiskey JAC.

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