The gem – #WhiskySanta

It returns!

The gem that is #WhiskySanta has returned for the 3rd year in a row, thanks to Master Of Malt.

Master Of Malt

Master of Malt #WhiskySanta

Master of Malt have returned with their Christmas hashtag and prizes at the checkout for another year. This year they’re giving away £100,000 worth, from granted wishes with their hashtag, free delivery at the check out or even giving you your entire basket for free.

Last year they handed out treats like a Premium Whisky Advent Calendar, an Isle of Jura 30 Year Old and a magnum bottle of Bathtub Gin…

It’s simple, find the little something (or mega something if you’ve been really good this year) that you’d like to be granted by the Whisky Santa on and hit the big red wish button they’ve provided. You can also post to Instagram or Google+, if that’s your social media outlet of choice, just remember to use the hashtag #WhiskySanta and make sure the posts are public. It runs until December 24th 2016, so you’ve got plenty of time.
Make sure to read the Terms & Conditions for #WhiskySanta Wishes 2016

Balvenie 30 Year Old on

As you can see I’ve clearly pushed by luck by wishing for the Balvenie 30 Year Old, 2014 bottling.

Why am I writing about this?

Firstly this blog post isn’t sponsored.

I think the hashtag is cracking idea. There is a lot of folk out there that drink market entry spirits that would like to go up a level but either don’t have the money to do so or can’t justify it, or maybe they would just like another bottle of their favourite tipple.

This is a cracking way for whiskey/whisky loving folk to have a chance at owning that £100+ bottle or maybe even £200+ that they would never purchase or maybe they do buy something in the hope they win a little prize at the checkout.

Either way, it’s doing all things good for whiskey. We will have new comers taking a punt or old timers with a smile on their face after winning something.

Get wishing & hashtagging!!

Over & Out…

Jamie – WhiskeyJAC

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