Opening nonsense…

Bout yee!

Firstly cheers for visiting and reading the nonsense I’ve to say.

Why have I started a website you may ask yourself, which I highly doubt you have done.

While Instagram is my main outlet for posting and will remain my main outlet, it has come to a point where I feel I need a new channel for posting longer reviews & other whiskey topics I’d like to speak about aside from what new whiskey bottle I’ve recently bought.

I’ve always been reluctant to create a website, mainly because I didn’t think it would be worth the time & effort. However in recent weeks I have met up with some top people doing amazing things with their social media & websites. To Reece, Matt & Marthinus I say thank you for encouraging me to go for it. (Their details will be provided at the end).

My plans for WhiskeyJAC are to share the knowlage I have but also new stuff I learn. As and when I get a new whiskey, hopefully one a day wishful thinking I’ll be posting indepth reviews and some high quality images.

For now that’s me.



Jamie – WhiskeyJAC

Reece Sims – Canadian

Matt Healy – Irish

Marthinus Barnard – Irish


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